5400EP 5:1 2K Epoxy Primer

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Chromate free versatile epoxy primer with anticorrosive protection for automotive, marine, iron-construction and industrial use. Can be used as an undercoat or as a final coating. Suitable as an adhesion promoter on metal, steel, aluminium or fiberglass. Applicable on surfaces that will be submerged in water. Easy application with roll, airless gun, electrostatic gun, HVLP or conventional spraying equipment.

Code Characteristics Packaging
ET5400EP-A200 20kg, primer grey piece
ET5400EH-B040 4kg, hardener 4 pcs/cart
ET5400EP-A040 4kg, primer grey 4 pcs/cart
ET5400EH-B008 0.8kg, hardener 12 pcs/cart
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