About Us

ETALON is a brand of ALEXPORT Company

ETALON brand is a result of continuous product testing and thorough research of the current automotive refinishing market.

ETALON is not just an alternative to existing products in the market, but a selection of the best materials that are being produced today.

ETALON brand guarantees extensive expertise and top quality performance.

Our goal is to provide you a full system of professional products, with vast product lines covering everyday needs of automotive professionals.

Alexport Company has a vast network of wholesale distributors in over 30 countries around the world. Comprehensive after sales service, technical and marketing support together with dynamic and modern brand guarantees our success.

We Are

  • a well established company
  • developing our products with our contractors
  • export oriented company
  • constantly looking for innovative solutions
  • flexible
  • passionate about our brand
  • always listening to our customers

We Are Not

  • producing physically our products
  • copying ready product lines
  • afraid of the competition
  • the cheapest
  • the most expensive
  • perfect, but we give our best continuously
  • big, but this is our strength

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