Mixing Cups

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High quality plastic cups for mixing and storage of all paint materials. Made of polypropylene which is resistant to solvents material. With mixing scale from 1:1 to 5:1.

Code Characteristics Packaging
ET/MIX-0385 container 385ml 200 pcs/cart
ET/MIX-0750 container 750ml 200 pcs/cart
ET/MIX-1400 container 1400ml 200 pcs/cart
ET/MIX-2300 container 2300ml 100 pcs/cart
ET/LID-0385 cap 385ml 200 pcs/cart
ET/LID-0750 cap 750ml 200 pcs/cart
ET/LID-1400 cap 1400ml 200 pcs/cart
ET/LID-2300 cap 2300ml 200 pcs/cart