What do a sniper and a car painter have in common?


I have to
admit, I like comparing things which are not meant to be compared just for fun.
So, after the blog post “4 things a car painter and a doctor have in common?”,
have a look on what the most skilled killer has in common with a peaceful (well
I suppose in most cases) bodyshop guy. I spent almost five years in the army,
so both professions are very close to me.

Refinishing pic


1.      1.
professionals need an essential tool for their job to be “executed”-  they need a gun! Not just any gun, but a top
! Actually, the better the gun, the quicker the job will be done; less paint
will be sprayed, fewer bullets will be shot.





2. Whether
it is a sniper’s rifle or HVLP spray gun, both tools need regular calibration. To
keep equipment ready for action is crucial. Intensive spraying will inevitably
cause fan’s pattern deterioration, while frequent shooting interferes with
rifle’s settings.



3.      3.
environment parameters like humidity and temperature affect the gun’s
performance. A good sniper must know the current humidity, temperature and wind
speed, because those affect bullet’s trajectory. While a good car painter must
also set his spray gun, according to the weather conditions (it is called
“Intelligent atomisation”
). For example, with high humidity, the atmosphere
slows the drying time of paint, and higher flow air cup (HVLP ) is better to be
used. While, as the temperature increases, drying times of coatings speed up,
so smaller nozzles are preferred for decrease paint flow. 

     Intelligent atomisation

4.      4.
you ask a NAVY SEAL, what is the most important thing before and after the
operation, he would probably reply: taking care of his gun is an absolute
priority. Similarly, car sprayer will spend enough time to keep his favorite
Devilbiss or SATA (or any other brand) gun clean and shiny.


5. It
is not a secret that the best collision repair job is the one, which is not
visible, as if no repair was done what so ever. Alike, a sniper will leave no
traces on his ambush. No traces, no shells, absolutely nothing.

Sniper 3


Despite the
similarities, I have to admit that there is one big difference between a sniper
and a car painter: the first is trained to kill, while the second is trained to
save…even if he just saves your car’s look

Doctor doll



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