If you own an independent bodyshop, this article is for you.

In case you run a bodyshop (or in fact any local business) you definitely spend time thinking of the way of advertising your business. In fact, in our digital era you may have already started building your digital footprint on social media, through a blog and a busness webpage. However, you need to keep in mind that people need bodyshop services usually when a collision accident happens. Not a very pleasant event. What do you do when you need a car repair specialist? You ask friends and relatives for a recommendation. Everyone has an uncle or friend who repaired his car after an accident. Usually  they  refer a bodyshop in the neighborhood.  Nobody wants to drive the damaged vehicle to the other side of the city. The key words are “reference” and “neighborhood”. In the past I have already stressed how the word of mouth” creates a competitive advantage for a paint supply business (8 proven ways to increase sales in a car body and paint shop). In this post I will elaborate further how to grow bodyshop’s positive word of mouth by giving back to the local community.

Car refinishing industry is going through times when larger organizations buy the smaller rivals or push the independent shops out of the market. Consolidation of the market share can be seen on all levels in our trade, starting from jobbers and warehouses to collision repair workshops themselves. In fact, an independent bodyshop has little instruments to protect its business. Nevertheless, the bodyshop can profit from its human touch and the perception of being part of the local community. An active and giving back part of the community. If the people in the area are feeling that you are one of them, they will prefer to bring their vehicles to you, regardless of where insurers want to steer them to.

What are the ways to genuinely serve the local community?

There are plenty of ways how bodyshop owners could contribute to the local community and build positive image for their businesses. Below I bring to your attention a few examples.

– Be a sponsor of the local sports team. It is an old and well-tested way to play an important role for your neighborhood. It doesn’t matter what sport it is. Team sports usually draw more attention, however you can support a talented tennis player or a boxer. Do not go only for the highest exposure sports, which may require significant funds. The earnest effort to support even one athlete will not go unnoticed.

– Offer to refinish free of charge some community vehicle. It could be a school bus, fire brigade’s vehicle, police or any other car of communal usage.

– Help someone in need to fix her vehicle. If you have noticed an elder person with an old car, offer to paint it for free. She will be your best ambassador forever.

– Give a free advice on car care for automotive enthusiasts. Show them how to polish their vehicles and to protect it from scratches. It will be your best move ever.

– Be involved in the local community life. I mean truly and genuinely involved. It is not only about giving money, but also time. By spending time with local people for the common good, you will earn respect and trust. Trust is the key in the collision repair business when people turn to you if a collision accident happened.

To finish, I would like to stress that giving to the community is not the same with advertising. These are two different things. Both are needed to build brand awareness and drive business to your shop. Nevertheless, do not confuse those two things. Giving back to the community must be done without crying for attention, because people can sense easily when the effort is not coming from the heart.



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