I am busy. You can’t expect me to be neat too…

Fiat plant

A few weeks ago I made a fast – one day trip to Serbia, specifically to visit Serbian automobile capital, Kragujevac city, which was truly fascinating. Transformation from old Zastava factory, which used to produce old Yugos, to a modern Fiat plant, made me really think that anything is possible. Just in 1999, NATO was bombing the factory, and now these ultra modern buildings full of energetic people in cozy, truly Italian offices and state of the art production line are pumping 600 cars every day in 3 shifts.

Yet, my post is not about this miraculous re-birth of Serbian leading manufacturer and biggest exporter, but…about something, which I always admired in car plants-it’s cleanliness! I will never fail repeating that a good car paint job depends heavily on the bodyshop’s condition. Clean floor, clean spray booth filters, tidy walls, clean working dress, clean tools – everything inside the prep area and painting booth must stay free from dust, debris, water or any other impurities. Importance of clean working environment can’t be underestimated.

Below you can find a simple check list, which will help you to test yourself on this subject:

1. When was the last time you performed a general cleaning of your premises?


2- Not more than a month ago

1– Long time ago, probably couple of months

0– I haven’t cleaned it since I moved in


2. How often do you change filters in your spray booth?


2– As per manufacturer’s instruction

1– Whenever I have spare time and money

0– Do I need to change those filters?


3. When did you paint your shop’s walls last time?


2 – Less than a year ago

1 – A couple of years ago

0 – Dirty gray colour of the walls is my favorite


4. Do you use vacuum dust extractor every time you sand the car in prep area?


2 Every single time

1 – Whenever it is within hand reach

0 – I don’t have one in working condition


5. Do use perform preparation jobs and spraying paint in the same working cloths?


2 – I always change in anti static overall before entering my spray booth

1 – Somitimes, when I am not in rush, I take on my overall or jacket

0 – Of course I use the same cloth. I am not circus performer, am I?

  Messy bodyshop

Score 9-10. You are cleanliness maniac! Carry on!

Score 6-8. You could avoid those nasty dirt nibs in the clear coat if improved your attention to the working environment condition!

Score below 5. Well, keeping place tidy is not your strong side. Make sure you improve your rework’s speed, because you will have many.


Alternative quiz: If a lady customer in a nice white dress can not find a spot to sit in your shop, then you urgently need to grab a wipe and a bucket!

  Clean bodyshop


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