Tip 1. Head lights polishing-easy way to increase your reveniew

As I am going through my contact leads from Automechanika, which closed its doors a few weeks ago, I recall how many people mentioned the economic downturn in their countries. Being in Greece, I can also confirm, our industry is not a safe oasis, and business is negatively affected.

On the other hand, I strongly believe that any crisis pushes us to overcome ourselves, to find innovative solutions, to bring new ideas.

So, what actually we can do? Simple logic. If you loose reveniew in painting car, you should find some additional sources to britch the gap. Believe it or not, but additional services are many, and some of them do not require additional investment or any particular training. I will try in this blog to share with you tips and advices from colleagues in different countries.

Simple logic, simple mathematics.  Less cars are coming to your bodyshop, less income, but… Why not to try to get more income per car? How? Here is tip number 1. Offer to recondition of car’s headlights. By statistics, more then 60% of all car in the roads have dull, yellowish, badly scratched headlights. This is bad. It spoils the car’s look, it affects safety, and, in some countries, you may not be able to pass the technical audit of the vehicle. Not to mention the car, where one of the headlights was replaced, and it looks like a pirot…

Polishing headlights is not difficult, it is fast and basically it needs no or very little investment in materials. What do you need:

Suitable polishing compound

– Polishing machine

– Micro abrasives (grits P800-P2500)

Masking tape

Microfiber wipe

Herebelow you can find the link from our youtube channel. Give it  a try. Don’t miss the opportunity to serve your customer and to earn extra money!


or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHHxEbYp12U&list=UUgfA4ilCkVC8oe2RjktkKuw&index=12&feature=plcp


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