Does your bodyshop have an identity?

Corporate identity

The meaning of “corporate identity” is usually associated with the big businesses, sophisticated Wall Street offices or banks; however every company, big or small, must have its own distinctive and unique identity. As a collision repair shop owner or manager, you should ask yourself a question: What do we do to differentiate our business from our competition? If the answer is not coming easily to you, than there is space for improvement.

No doubt, quality of services provided, is the key, nevertheless, business absolutely must distinguish itself with smart and modern look. Company’s logo, sign, digital and web presence, all must emphasize your uniqueness.

Usually, improving  corporate identity doesn’t require big investment of money, but time and creative effort. Simple steps must be taken:

– Clean up your bodyshop, refresh your wall paint

– Make your  sign visible and distinctive

– Create smart logo, which would have a story to tell 

  (humouristic touch is welcome)

– Re-style and update your webpage

–  Make regular and interesting posts on social network platforms and engage with your customers

           Business identity

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