Aerosol paint in auto body shop. Historical snapshot.

by Alexander Aslamazis

Aerosol sprays are used widely in a modern car repair shop, including painting area. In the past, spray paints were mainly considered as DIY products, however nowadays aerosols have more and more usage by real professionals. The quality of the finish and spray fan have improved significantly. Moreover, some coatings, like primers and fillers for spot repair jobs are the preferred solution. Additional advantage is that you spray exactly the quantity you need, and no spray gun cleaning is required after the job is completed. Last, but not the least, a sprayer in car bodyshop can find in the market aerosol sprays, which have hardener capsule imbedded, meaning that high quality and fast drying 2K materials can be applied.
It might be interesting for you to learn when actually aerosol cans were invented and how this handy product developed over the time. Below is a short infographic for your attention.

Aerosols history infographic

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