6+1 reasons to put a paint mixer in a bodyshop

If we leave aside the size of each bodyshop, we could divide them into two categories: these with paint mix system installed and those without. The latter are using paint mixing services from their main consumables supplier. The percentage of bodyshops with a paint mixing machine in store varies from country to country; while in some markets a mixer in a bodyshop is considered a luxury, in some others it is a must.  After visiting literally hundreds of bodyshops around the globe, I have concluded that every bodyshop owner, regardless of the workshop’s size, will benefit from installing a paint mixer in his premises. Below I bring to your attention some of those benefits, as I see them:

  1. A bodyshop with a paint mixer installed will benefit from lower cost of the materials. Let’s face it, nothing comes for free, and if you use colour-matching services from a paint supplier, then you will be charged for it. Sometimes the difference between the costs per litre of paint can be as high as 30%. Too big percentage to be ingnored.
  2. Much faster vehicles’ delivery. The logic is simple; you do not need to drive to your supplier’s place in order to order the needed colour codes.
  3. Less material waste. If you have paint system within your grasp, you do not have to prepare more paint than you might need (just to avoid another trip to the supplier). If your shelves are full of cans with paint leftovers, than you should really consider how much paint is just sitting idle with slim chance to be used in the near future. Waste of money indeed.
  4. Better colour matching. If you prepare the colour yourself, the quality of colour matching will be much better. Of course, additional training will be needed (in fact all major paint manufacturers have colour matching trainings on a regular basis), but it is worth the time invested.
  5. You will enjoy better customer support from paint manufacturers. Paint mixer is a ticket for a direct contact and support from the paint manufacturer, including direct customer service line. In addition, you can count on regular visits and advice from the experienced technicians with a great baggage of knowledge.
  6. A bodyshop with installed mixer is perceived as more professional by the customers and, very importantly, by insurance companies. For fact.
  7. With paint mixer installation, you can expect some kind of gifts from your supplier. It is very common, when paint companies give freebies like spray guns, gun washing machine, infrared lamps, and free first toners loading up, scales or mixer itself. While it is not a rule, I have seen these kinds of “presents” quite often.

And what is your opinion?


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