975 2:1 UHS Airdry Clearcoat

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Ultra high solids airdry clearcoat for extremely fast and unforced drying process. After 60-70 minutes at 20C° or after 6-7min at 60C° in a spray booth, the surface is totally cured. Application in 1,5 coats without any flash-off time, or in 2 full coats with 5min flash-off time. The final result is a deep, crystal clear finish with excellent durability, UV resistance and no gloss reduction. VOC compliant <420 g/l.

Code Characteristics Packaging
ET975-UHS01 1L 12 pcs/cart
ET975-UHS05 5L 4 pcs/cart
ET975-HARD05 500ml, hardener 12 pcs/cart
ET975-HARD25 2.5L, hardener 4 pcs/cart